Lea Hardy took a number of family heirlooms that were really beaten up over the years. They stripped the furniture, repaired the broken legs and loose joints, replaced the missing veneer and refinished everything in its original color. I was amazed! These pieces all have pleasant memories for me and having them back is like renewing contact with an old friend.
- Brenda P., Pierrefonds
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Our Services

We provide a free written estimate for our customers' approval prior to beginning any job on their behalf.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Repair Damaged Furniture

Glue loose joints, replace missing parts, repair scratches and gouges, remove stains, repair or replace loose or missing veneer. If it can be fixed, we can fix it.


Strip off deteriorated finishes and replace with whatever type of finish the customer requests (oil, wax, lacquer, shellac, varnish, two-part or water base).

We can stain furniture in a colour to match existing pieces or any other colour selected by our customer.


Restoring furniture implies retaining its original character and not making it look like new. We can re-touch certain parts of the piece or re-finish it completely but we always strive to conserve its authenticity.

Removal of Odours Caused by Fire or Cigarette Smoking

We have a 3-stage wash process that removes many of the odours caused by fire or cigarette smoking. However, when smoke penetrates deep into the wood, the only solution is to strip the finish and replace it with a new one.


We have partnered with a select group of upholsterers, who can handle any project of this nature. Similarly, we can do wicker, cane, rush and reed work.

Assessment of Insurance Claims

We work with the major players involved in the insurance business and we are adept at helping customers assess damages to their furniture.

Lea Hardy & Company Ltd. truck picking up chairs for repair on a cold winter's day.
Lea Hardy & Company Ltd. truck picking up chairs
for repair on a cold winter's day.

You would be surprised at what we can fix!

If your furniture is made of wood and can be repaired and/or re-finished, we can do it.