Lea Hardy took a number of family heirlooms that were really beaten up over the years. They stripped the furniture, repaired the broken legs and loose joints, replaced the missing veneer and refinished everything in its original color. I was amazed! These pieces all have pleasant memories for me and having them back is like renewing contact with an old friend.
- Brenda P., Pierrefonds
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Our Commitment

Drew Hardy Vice-President, Operations
Drew Hardy Vice-President, Operations

I joined the family business in 1994 and became responsible for operations shortly thereafter. I am proud to head an organization that has professionally served Montrealers for over 50 years.

As is the case with any family business, it only thrives if each successive generation approaches the job with the same passion and dedication as the previous generation. In my case, that is no small task because my father set the bar very high.

During the past 15 years, my father has been my mentor. He knows this business and taught me well. He once said, "Drew, the secret to success in this business is simple and it consists of 3 things: 1) Make sure you understand what the customer wants; 2) Have skilled people do the work professionally and at a fair price; 3) Make sure the customer is satisfied."

Following my father's sound advice, my commitment to all of our customers is that I personally guarantee your satisfaction. I am responsible and accountable to our customers because I play a hands-on role on each project. When you call Lea Hardy & Company Ltd., you can be sure of the following: I will personally meet with you in your home or office to ensure I understand the scope of the work you want us to undertake. When I bring your furniture to our shop, I personally speak to the people, who will do the work, to ensure they understand what is expected. While in the shop, I oversee all of the work and it will not be returned to you until it is done according to your specifications. Finally, I will personally return your furniture and ensure your complete satisfaction before leaving.

Not just a business ... but a family tradition of excellence