Thank you so much for the gorgeous dining room set. You really exemplify the integrity of a family business who cherishes their name and reputation. I know this set will one day be passed on to the next generation and we are very grateful that you were able to restore it to its original beauty.
- Elaine
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Our Approach

Our business approach to any project with our customers is as follows:

  1. We visit your home or office to assess the work that has to be done. Understanding the customers' needs and expectations is always the critical first step
  2. We explore the various options and alternatives that can be taken to complete the job. These are explained to the customer along with the cost implications of each option.
  3. Once the customer specifies the course of action they desire, a written cost estimate and work completion schedule is provided to the customer. The estimate is provided at no charge to the customer.
  4. Upon customer approval, the piece is taken to our shop. The customer is not charged extra for the pick-up and delivery. If any unforeseen issues emerge while completing the work, the customer is called immediately and the situation is explained. If necessary, the customer is invited to our shop to see the work first hand.
  5. Once the work is completed, it is returned to the customer at no extra charge.
  6. The customer reviews the work to ensure it was done according to the work order. If the customer is satisfied, they approve the work and provide payment. If there are any problems or if the work is not done according to the agreed specifications, we will make every effort to satisfy the customer at no extra charge.
We are not satisfied until our customer is satisfied.